The Big Business of AirBnB in Toronto

by Ray Kar, April 25, 2019 According to there are more than 20,000 short-term rental operators in Toronto.  Approximately 13,000 of these properties are for entire homes.  Over 1700 operators operate more than one property. The Star profiles several AirBnB operators in Toronto.  These operators are as diverse as the city itself and paints... Continue Reading →

The State of AirBnB Toronto

by Ray Kar, Feb 12, 2019 FairBnB, a group initially funded by hotel workers' labour organizations that has worked with condo boards and residents' associations in the city, recently issued a report in January demanding the Province implement province-wide regulations on short-term rentals hosted by companies such as Airbnb as part of any plans to... Continue Reading →

Airbnb will start designing homes

**Revival Insight-key takeaway**: by Ray Kar, December 07, 2018 AirBnb, the "Uber" of short term rentals/hotel alternative has established itself as a global phenomenon.  Pretty much wherever you are in the world, you can lay your head done in some-else's bed for a fee.  With a market valuation, by some estimates, of at least  $38... Continue Reading →

Upcoming home-sharing regulations only go ‘halfway,’ says landlord who uncovered Airbnb operation

**Revival Insight-key takeaway**: by Ray Kar, Editor. Robert Johnston, who discovered his tenant was renting out his property on AirBnB without his permission, is disappointed that the upcoming home sharing legislation does not outright band tenants from home sharing a rental property without the express permission of the landlord.  The legislation expected to become effective... Continue Reading →

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