Ford Government to Revert to Old OMB Rules

by Ray Kar, May 16, 2019 The following changes will effect you, if you renovate, flip, or develop property, as all of these scenarios could involve variances to zoning or by-laws, or greater changes in order to receive approval to construct.  Typically in these scenarios you would have ended up at the OMB (now the... Continue Reading →

The Big Business of AirBnB in Toronto

by Ray Kar, April 25, 2019 According to there are more than 20,000 short-term rental operators in Toronto.  Approximately 13,000 of these properties are for entire homes.  Over 1700 operators operate more than one property. The Star profiles several AirBnB operators in Toronto.  These operators are as diverse as the city itself and paints... Continue Reading →

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